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How To Use Our Online Wine Valuation and Quotation Tool

This short guide will provide you with everything you need to know to about how to sell wine online and use our Wine Valuation and Quotation Tool to value and sell your wine.

Using live fine wine market data from Liv-Ex, Wine Searcher and our own bespoke, proprietary pricing database of fine wine prices, our Quotation Tool uses a robust methodology and proprietary algorithms to generate the most transparent and accurate online wine valuation and quotation, achieving the best-in-class solution for valuing and selling wine online.

In just a few simple steps, you can enter your fine wines into our online tool and receive a live market wine price for your wine collection, as well as, an indication of what we could offer you if you potentially wanted to sell wine online.

How to use our Quotation Tool

Follow this step-by-step process of using our Wine Quotation Tool for the correct procedure to get an online wine valuation and quotation – this also covers how to sell wine online with JF Tobias.

If you are still having issues please refer to our FAQs or Contact Us.

  • Entering and selecting the correct wine name
    • Start typing the first few characters of the name of the wine you’re trying to value or receive a wine quotation for.
    • A drop-down list of wines should then appear and you need to click and select the correct wine from this list.
    • Should your wine name not appear in this list or an error message appears, please try the following:
      • Not using “château or châteaux” before the wine name
      • Not copying and pasting into the wine name box
      • Not using “le, la, l’, du, la, de, au” etc
      • Not using commas, hyphens or accents
      • Not using “Grand Vin”, “Grand Cru”, “Premier Cru”, “1er Cru” etc
      • Check you have used the correct spelling
      • Typing the main or most obvious part of the wine name. E.g. rather than Château Pichon Longueville Comtesse de Lalande, try “Pichon” or “Lalande” then click and select the best match from the dropdown list.

If you still can not find your wine or are having problems matching it in our Wine Quotation Tool you can either:

  • Use the Send Message form below to compile a list of your wines to send to us


  • Use the Upload File form to upload a complete stock list as instructed below

After completing the relevant fields click the ‘Send’ button to submit this to us and we will be in touch as soon as possible, usually within 48 hours, with a complete wine valuation and quotation. We can also answer any questions regarding selling wine with us.

  1. Select Vintage or Year
    • Choose a vintage (1982 – present) from the drop-down menu. Please make sure you have clicked and selected a year and it is displaying in the box.
    • Unfortunately, we’re unable to value or purchase non-vintage (NV) wines, other wines produced pre-1982 or wines still held with the producer (En Primeur).
  1. Selecting Bottle/Case Size
    • Currently our system only allows the following formats:
      • 12 x 75cl / 6 x 75cl / 3 x 75cl
      • 6 x 150cl / 3 x 150cl
      • 24 x 375cl / 12 x 375cl / 6 x 375cl / 3 x 375cl
    • We are not able to value or quote for single bottles and some large formats online, please use the contact form below to send us the details of your wines manually and we will follow up with a valuation and quotation.
  1. Select Case Quantity
    • Click and select the correct amount of cases you want to value or receive a wine quotation for.
    • If the correct amount doesn’t show, enter the number of cases to the closest number available and then add the wine again and complete the total amount from the other numbers available – E.g. if you have 13 wine cases, add 10 first and then add the wine again for 3 single cases.

How to sell wine online by uploading or sending a stocklist directly

If you have a large wine collection or portfolio, or you are still struggling to use our online Wine Quotation Tool then it may be quicker for you to submit your wines to us by sending or uploading a complete list to us directly. You can do this using the Send Message/Upload File section below the Wine Quotation Tool.

  1. Complete the required contact details fields (name, email and number)
  2. If you don’t have a list on a document please write it in the message field. It is also extremely helpful if you can provide extra details such as:
    1. Whether the wines are in a bonded warehouse or not
    2. Which wine merchant they were bought from
    3. Do the bottles have any condition issues or not
    4. Are they in the original packaging? (OWC or OCC)
  3. If your wine collection or wine investment portfolio is in a digital format, such as an Excel file, Word document or a PDF file from your bonded warehouse or wine merchant, then you can use the ‘Upload File’ option to send us a complete stock list of your wines.
    1. Simply click the ‘Upload File’ button which will open up folders on your computer.
    2. Select the correct file.
    3. Once all the other fields are complete click the ‘Send’ button at the bottom.

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